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Employee Health Clinics

To get even more cost-savings, we’ve helped self-funded companies reinvent the healthcare delivery system by embracing an old idea – the company doctor. These businesses have established onsite facilities by partnering with a clinic provider. A physician, accompanying nurse practitioner, and medical assistants help treat minor health issues, check for early stages of more serious medical conditions, manage chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes, and provide pharmacy services.

By establishing on-site or local healthcare clinics, companies have provided employees with convenient, accessible medical care. A study by the Department of Health and Human Services reveals that companies can cut health expenses 20% to 55%, reduce short-term sick leave by 32%, and boost productivity by 52% with wellness programs and on-site clinics. Additionally, it reduces the need for hospital visits, which is the single largest category of medical expenses in the nation.

Clinics help with employee retention and recruitment resulting in fewer employee turnovers and lower recruitment costs. Employees don’t miss shifts due to the travel and wait times experienced at off-site medical offices or pharmacies, thereby improving absenteeism. Convenient access to healthcare means that health diagnoses are made sooner which leads to increased healthcare cost savings.


  • Both routine and urgent care
  • On-site pharmacy and prescribing
  • Preventive care
  • Occupational medicine
  • Targeted wellness programs
  • Occupational safety